About the Company Owner

A Connecticut native, Dr. Kristen Noble Keegan is a historian, a writer, a businesswoman and an educator.

Dr. Keegan’s undergraduate degree, cum laude, is in history, as is her Master’s degree.  She holds a Ph.D in geography, focusing on quantitative analysis, GIS and historical geography.  She is a historian, and sometime business owner, in the field of cultural resource management.  For the last decade, she has worked primarily as an historian for Heritage Consultants LLC, first as an independent contractor and most recently as the owner of Bywater Historical Services LLC.  Her work in this field has involved research on history, historical architecture and genealogy across New England and New York.  As an educator, Dr. Keegan most recently was an adjunct history professor at Fairfield University.  During her Ph.D. program, she worked as an instructor in the university’s geography department.

She has lent her adaptable skills to a wide variety of subfields in the realms of history and geography.  For example, she is a contributing co-editor of The Archaeology of Connecticut: 20,000 The Human Era, 11,000 Years Ago to the Present.  Dr. Keegan’s dissertation in geography focuses on economic development in nineteenth-century Connecticut.  Also, she has conducted joint and independent scholarly work in the fields of African paleoanthropology, early colonial Mexico, and on topics in Connecticut history from the colonial era to the Progressive Era.  In addition, for several years she has been employed as an independent fact-checker for the Smithsonian Channel.

Dr. Keegan lives in Connecticut with her family. Occasionally she updates her personal website, and she also writes a monthly newsletter called Historical Notions.

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