Historical Title Searching

Our primary title searcher was trained by an experienced attorney and has examined and reported on New England title chains going back to the colonial era. For litigators and surveyors, historical title searches provide the essential background data for resolving property disputes and undertaking surveys. For others, they are an important component of historical research on property targeted for development or for preservation.

Historical Architecture

The preservation of historical buildings, where possible, is an important public policy in the United States. Research on and documentation of such structures is required under certain state and federal laws, and we are prepared to undertake such work in compliance with applicable regulations. The scope of such projects can range from individual houses to historical surveys of entire towns. For projects of wider scope, we utilize geographic information systems (GIS) technology to provide accurate mapping of the locations of such historic resources.


Genealogical research is often undertaken as part of filling out the history of buildings or properties, as desired by our clients. We also conduct this research for individuals, always including attention to the places people lived.

Map Research and Mapping

Using digitized sources and knowledge of a wide variety of collections, we can compile a series of georegistered maps and aerial photographs for any location. Our aerial photograph collection extends from 1922 to the present day, and our digitized historical maps begin in the colonial era and continue into the twentieth century. In addition, working from these sources and from texts, we can compile maps of times and places as needed for exhibits, academic books and articles, and websites.

General Historical Research

Our researchers have worked in facilities ranging from the British Public Library, to the archives of multiple states, to the National Archives and Records Administration, as well as in many municipal offices and historical societies. Learning about new things, from nineteenth-century educational practices to culvert construction, has always been a part of our work. We also have experience in the field of fact-checking of media materials that have a historical component. No topic is too obscure.

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